Surface Options for Bondability

DuraSurf™ UHMW pressure sensitive tapes and materials are supplied with a variety of backside surface treatments to meet application needs. All polyethylenes are low surface energy materials that do not promote adhesion. Oxidation increases surface energy and transforms UHMW into a bondable material.

Plain, Untreated Surface

In addition to offering the DuraSurf family of products with a plain, untreated backside for applications where bondability is not an issue, Crown Plastics can offer a variety of surface treatments for bondability options.

Treated for Bonding

For applications where an external adhesive will be applied at installation, Crown Plastics offers DuraSurf with a mechanically abraded or a flame etched surface for adherence of epoxies and other liquid adhesives. For thinner films, a corona treatment is offered to change the surface energy to enhance adhesion.

Pressure Sensitive

Pressure sensitive tapes and materials can be applied in areas where mechanical fastening is undesirable due to cost or application demands. We process and treat the UHMW so it can be bonded to a pressure sensitive, adhesive backing, which eliminates the need for mechanical fastening and reduces waste. We utilize aggressive adhesives with a high initial tack for ease of application and excellent peel for long service life.

Surface preparation is very important to successful adhesion when using pressure sensitive materials. The substrate should be as smooth as possible and must be clean and free of any potential contamination. A totally evaporating solvent such as acetone is recommended where permitted. Applications for UHMW pressure sensitive tapes and materials include guides, washers, gaskets, work surfaces, and countless friction and wear areas. The following videos offer advice to help you achieve successful applications.

Crown Plastics DuraSurf: Overcoming Bonding Challenges

Crown Plastics DuraSurf: Adhesive Demo

Crown Plastics DuraSurf: Understanding Surface Energy

Crown Plastics DuraSurf: Surface Preparation Demo

Crown Plastics DuraSurf: Easy Application of DuraSurf™ ASC-FDA

Crown Plastic’s pressure sensitive adhesive systems include: rubber adhesives, acrylic adhesives, and foam tapes for UHMW.

Rubber based pressure sensitive adhesive systems typically offer the highest adhesion and shear properties in comparison to acrylic and are best in indoor applications. They work with a wide variety of substrates and satisfy most adhesion requirements.

Acrylic based adhesive systems are more versatile than rubber based systems and offer UV stability, higher temperature performance and good to excellent chemical resistance. While rubber based adhesives have a higher initial bond, the acrylic pressure sensitive adhesives go through a 24 hour cure cycle or “wet-out” period where over time, the bond continues to improve. Acrylic adhesive systems are usually a little higher cost but offer longer life than rubber adhesives.

Crown works with Avery Dennison as a primary supplier of pressure sensitive adhesives but also works with additional adhesive suppliers to handle custom applications or to be able to satisfy a requirement in which a specific adhesive is called out. For information on adhesives or to find out which adhesive will work best for your application, you can talk with one of Crown Plastics’ customer service representatives who will be happy to discuss this with you.

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